Presto BBC I

Presto is a network of self-service restaurants in business and administrative centers, known for its high standard of gastronomic services. Quality of restaurant and the speed of a fast food restaurant.


Choose from the wide selection of daily menus, soups, warm side dishes or from the salad bar. Thanks to Presto you can now have your lunch in a diverse, tasty and healthy manner. Daily.

Let us prepare tasty quick dishes, pasta, risottos and fish for you. We will get you ready for your workday. Express.


Indulge yourself with daily fresh salads, fruit and vegetable juices, baked strudels, homemade cakes or with fresh baguettes. Live your day! Fresh.

Do you feel like a pizza? In Presto we make different kinds of crunchy pizza every day. Upon request, we can prepare one from ingredients of your choosing.


Improve your day with a wide selection of warm drinks - espresso, café latte, cappuccino or different kinds of tea. Enjoy your cup of hot drink. In Presto.